MA-0083 Fallow deer bucks parallel pacing

MA-0083 Fallow deer bucks parallel pacing
Description: Three fallow deer bucks (Dama dama) parallel pacing on the Holkham Estate Norfolk on a early misty morning in October during the rutting season. Fallow deer bucks strut shoulder to shoulder to size each other up. The parallel pacing stalls the need for physical contact. If equally matched they will engage in a clash of horns.
Keywords: mammal, mammals, ruminant mammal, mammalia, animal, animals, Artiodactyla, deer, Cervidae, Fallow deer, Dama dama, adult, buck, bucks, male, males, horns, antlers, parallel pacing, strutting, behaviour, grassy park, parkland, nature, natural, wildlife, tame, early morning, mist, misty, rut, rutting season, October, autumn, Holkham Estate, Holkham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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