IN-0487 Knopper galls on acorns

IN-0487 Knopper galls on acorns
Description: Close up of knopper galls on acorns of an oak tree (Quercus robor) caused by a gall wasp (Andricus quercuscalicis). This rather sticky gall develops on acorns in the autumn and varies from green to bright red. A central opening leads to a small egg-shaped inner gall where a single agamic wasp develops.
Keywords: plant, tree, leaf, leaves, acorn, acorns, botany, botanical, nature, wild, gall, oak, Quercus robor, wasp, hymenoptera, agamic, insect, invertebrate, gall wasp, Andricus quercuscalicis, knopper gall, reddish- green, knobbly, autumn, woodland, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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IN-0486 Knopper gall on acorn